Therapy Anyone?

Bus”y”ness…. do I need to say more?….. It has been said that bus”y”ness is now an epidemic.  It is amazing how the “to do list” has shackled so many peoples lives.  Can you hear the shouts…”I got to do this! Do not stop to you drop”! It has even become a badge of honor.  Ask anyone how things are going, almost everyone says, “Busy”.  Yes, we have all fallen victim to this insanity at one season or another.


Stop and smell the horses

Well, there is always therapy,…Farm Therapy.  Oh Yah, those of you who are horse people get it already!  There is something about being on the farm.  Nature’s beauty. It just squeezes all the stress out of you like an orange in a juicer.  All the waste from the day is left behind.  No scented candles for me.  The smell of my horse is soothing to my soul.  Most people don’t get it; they just smell manure, or see mud puddles and messes.  What we see and smell is so different.  We see life, we smell sweat of hard work, and we feel unconditional love that is priceless!


Slooooow down!

As I pick up the curry brush and start the circular motions to cleanse away all the grim and dirt from my horse, I notice that my “to do list” and worries seem to cleanse away as well.  Ok let’s admit it.  Life is not perfect and neither is my horse.  When I get to the mane and tail, it never fails knots!  Yes, always, knots!  Some big, some little, some knots with a sticker bush connected.  Don’t you love those?  So I have to slow down, work through each knot, (maybe cut out a few… don’t tell my horse).  How true this is for life!  Yes, there will be knots in life. The small ones, the big ones, and even the ones we have to cut out of our life!  But one thing I have noticed over the years of combing my horse’s tail is, slowing down, working through each knot with patients, the knot will eventually untangle.  One knot at a time.  Yes! Farm Therapy for me Please!