Gifting Time

Horse Lovers cuff
Jewelry is always a nice gift.

Its that time of the year when we want to find the perfect gift for everyone on our list. Barn buddies, instructors, and friends that just love horses. I think most of us are pretty busy and struggle to find quality time for all our friends and our beloved pets.  Maybe “time” is the answer.  How can we find a bit more time each week to share our love of horses with our friends? Or share some extra love with our horses.

Maybe the very best gift would be to give some of our time.  Time to ride with a friend we have not spent time with for awhile.  Time to savor a nice lunch or coffee with some horse loving friends during the cold weather when you cannot ride.

mini clip green

Time to do a special grooming on your own horse or better yet spend some time grooming horses at a rescue facility.  However you spend your time this holiday season we hope it will bring you much peace and joy and hopefully be full of nickers, neighs and soft warm muzzles.