Can this be Spring?

Weather or Not

The weather here in the Mid Atlantic has offered us mood swings since early February.  Weeks on end of wild temperature swings.  Here we are in early April and we are seeing 3 chances of frozen mix interspersed with days of over 60 degrees.  This is a very challenging time for blanketing our horses.  Did I mention mud?  Plenty of that here too.  A good way to transition your horses in this weather is by using a Bucas Sunshower Sheet.  This light weight sheet offers protection from the chilly rains and mud.  Too much mud or rain can lead to serious skin issues.

Bucas Sun Shower Turnout

Spring training for you and your horse

Did you have a place to ride all winter and keep you and your horse fit?  Many of us do not have that opportunity. As the warm spring days do arrive we need to be sure to gradually work up to our in season fitness level.  Lay out a good fitness schedule for both horse and rider over at least a 30 to 45 day time frame.  This is a good time to review your horses feeding program with grass coming back in the picture. If you are feeling a little sluggish coming out of winter you may want to find a good nutritionist to consult about your diet and supplement program as well.

Mud Mud and more Mud

Our sister company Emge Equine Services can help you with those high traffic areas that become mud pits.  Check out some of their erosion control products like this Earthhorse Grid below.

With a little patience i think we will soon enjoy some wonderful riding temps and weather..just in time for fly season LOL.

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