Covid19 Spring

March the 73rd, 2020

In January 2020 we looked forward to spring here in Maryland.  After a milder than usual winter we thought we had skated thru the worst months as the temps moderated and the spring birds arrived early.

Then Covid19.  In what seems like a flash our horse world stood still. I am blessed my horses live at home but many were faced with boarding barns closing and not being able to visit their horses.

Of course, these are first world problems and many have faced huge sacrifices across the globe.  But for the horse person it really has an extra sting as our beloved steeds provide more that riding for us.  They are our therapists as well.

Our state is beginning to relax things this week and hopefully open up in phases over the rest of this month.  Although Riding Right has remained open since we ship online and our sister company Emge Equine Services supplies many barn builders with stall systems and rubber flooring there has been some extra time.

My barn is a bit cleaner, same can be said for my tack.  My horses are all staying pretty fit but my legs may fall off soon LOL.  Really looking forward to my friends that help me with keeping my horses fit to feel comfortable enough to come ride!

We hope you have all stayed well and look forward to whatever this show season will become.

Stay well,