That Blanketing Question

Winter will be back and you need to decide if you should blanket your horse.  Many things influence this decision.  Does your horse have a shelter from the weather when outside?  Is your horse barn kept part of the day or night?  Do you clip your horse in the winter for faster drying after showing or training?

Most horses can tolerate moderate winter temperatures without a blanket if not clipped, in good health and have a shelter.  My horses fit all those things but I just feel better if they have at least a light blanket during the colder months.  Here in Maryland our temps can turn on a dime and my horses are older.  I find a light blanket works for most of the winter and I think it helps them save a few calories that would be spent keeping warm.  I also have a heavier blanket I can use if we get some unusually cold days, but you can also layer with something under the light weight blanket in an emergency.

My horses love to be out as much as possible and I believe it is better for them to be outside and moving around then standing in a 12×12 stall when its cold.

Feed and nutrition are also important because a horse generates body heat through digestion. Most importantly provide good forage, usually hay.  As your horse digests hay gut activity warms the body.

Another overlooked issue for winter is water.  Horses are mostly eating dry forage and feed over the winter months, please be sure they have access to good clean water 24/7.

Please be sure dental care is up to date as they will be eating dry hay instead of fresh grass all winter.

If you are not sure what types of blankets are best for your horse and climate where you live I invite you to give us a call.  We are horse people too and have decades of knowledge to help you make the best decision.

Transitioning Blankets from Winter to Spring

Ok, it is now April!  Wow, how did that happen so fast?  Does anyone else feel like they just celebrated New Years?  No more breaking the ice in the water trough, walking through snow drifts to convince my horse it is time to come in.  Like it or not spring is here.  I don’t know about you but I look forward to not having to put on my 20 layers under my snowsuit just so I can have as much time as possible with my horse.  I have to imagine that my horse feels the same way. Ready to get rid of the winter blanket and move on to the lighter spring blanket!


There are a lot of spring blankets on the market, but one of the best blankets you can get for your horse is the Bucas Sun Shower.  It was designed with the most up-to-date technology

Bucas Sun Shower Turnout
Bucas Sun Shower Turnout

for the modern horse.  Lets admit it, our horses are not shaped as a rectangle with 90 degree angles…… Our horses are modern, stylish companions that have beautiful curves that need to be treated with love and respect.  The Bucas Sun Shower blanket honors all the modern horse curves with its shoulder darts to ensure an excellent fit without rubbing.  I know that I hate it when my clothes are not fitting comfortable, so why would I want anything less for my pride and joy!


One aspect of that makes this blanket such a gem, is the mesh lining. This is perfect for the unpredictable spring days when the temperature rises higher and lower than expected. I don’t have to worry about my horse getting too hot the mesh lining lets the air circulate underneath the blanket so that I know that my horse is not sweating. Lets save all the sweating for the true workouts and out on the trails! No worries of the bacterial skin disease rain rot.  Between daily grooming and an excellent blanket, we can say, “Bring on Spring!” It is great to know that there is a blanket that allows my horse to feel comfortable and enjoy life to the fullest!