Just for Men?

Guest blog by David Taylor

I often say that I am a lone wolf in a sea of estrogen. I am surrounded by the female gender everywhere I go. The barn is filled with women and mares and I’ve heard way more stories related to being of the female gender than I ever thought possible. When I open the big thick equestrian catalogs we all get every 3 months, I always look to see if there is anything more than the one single page of disappointment that is the men’s line. Low and behold the answer is always…. NO.beanspic

Now don’t get me wrong, companies have to focus on numbers. There is no argument that women make up the vast majority in the English discipline. If a company is going to survive in a niche industry like ours, they develop products for those that are going to support their company.  That being said, I hate feeling forgotten about when it comes to riding clothes. I mean I am pretty sure there are more male riders than myself, Phillip Dutton, Steffen Peters, and McLain Ward.

It seems that we as “Men” are often relegated to the super cheap, ultra expensive or trying to get clothing meant for other sports to pull double duty as equestrian wear. The other option is when we do find that one piece of clothing that magically fits us on the sale rack in the forgotten corner of the tack shop; we buy it and wear it nonstop until the threads give up.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to buy clothing that costs more than my board, and I can’t stand the cheap stuff that feels like a dollar store Halloween costume. So my search ensued for equestrian clothing that was “Just For Men”, that would last more than two rides, be comfortable, and not make me pull out a small loan.

With this personal quest in mind, I set upon the interwebs with extreme prejudice, leaving no page un-scrolled, and no website unsearched, no google…… well un-goolged. In my searches, I found a great website for a retailer that had an amazing tab in their menu. RidingRight.com has a tab that is the golden gates to which I was searching for. The tab, of which I speak, was labeled “Just for Men”.

I clicked with anticipation, wondering if on the next page would be just the typical $500.00 breeches and two show shirts that I have found over and over again. As the page loaded I noticed more than one option and even a second page of to scroll though.

RidingRight.com has many brands that peaked my interest, but I’ll focus on just one for now, Goode Rider. I didn’t even know Goode Rider had a men’s line. And why am I just finding out about this now? The women of the horse world have been raving about their clothing for years, and low and behold….. Goode Rider had not left us men out in the cold.mens jean breech rear

So like anyone on a serious quest for retail therapy, I purchased three items (because I have no self control) and let the money flow right out of my bank account. Just like that I was the proud new owner of three great items that are “Just for Men”; A pair of the Goode Rider Mens Jean Rider breeches for every day riding. A pair of the Goode Rider Pro Mens Full Seat Breeches, since it’s the beginning of the show season and my current pair of show breeches are not as white as they used to be. And finally a new piece of outer wear, the Good Rider Mens Reversible Vest, since its late winter and some cold days are still with us for a while and really its two different vests in one so I’ve saved money (or at least that’s what I’m telling my wife).

My goal is to put these items to the test and then share my findings. It’s one thing for a company to make items for men, and it’s a completely different story if they stand up to the test of time, especially barn time.mens rev vest 2

Having already taken all of these items for a few spins around the arena, I can say that Goode Rider is on to something and I can’t wait to share my experiences with a more in depth report of each item from Goode Rider as well as the other brands that offer an option for Men.