Equine Cooling Blanket - by Coolaid

Equine Cooling Blanket - by Coolaid

Equine Cooling Blanket - by Coolaid


Product Details

Equine cooling blankets are great for cooling your athlete after exercise, performance, hauling or just on a hot summer's day.  The process is simple, wet the blanket, wring out the excess, shake and apply.  Remember, the greater the airflow, the more cooling.  If more cooling is needed, simply repeat the process.  

For our equine enthusiasts that ride during the winter months and need immediate drying, place the Coolaid blanket on dry and let the wicking take place.  Excellent for after bathes too!

Both belly and leg straps are removable for washing.  Simply wash in cold water, with a small amount of detergent and no fabric softeners.  Either tumble dry low or hang to dry.  

  • Chemical-free
  • Machine washable
  • Cooling lasts the lifetime of the product
  • Up to 30% cooler than surface temperature
  • Any temperature of water can start the cooling process
  • Provides wicking
  • Award winning technology
  • Comfortable fit
  • Removable belly & leg straps for washing
  • Lightweight
  • Patented Material